About Me

Hi my name is Autumn and welcome to my website! I have been an independent distributor for SeneGence since November 2016 and I also have a full time day job in the IT world. I live in an area in Richmond, VA where LipSense is not well known so when I joined a good friend of mine’s Facebook party, I had no idea what LipSense was. On a whim I bought three colors and two glosses because it sounded almost too good to be true. I received the product about a week later and I knew this was something I couldn’t live without. I immediately signed up, and I told everyone I was only signing up for the personal discount because I had no intention of selling because that is not my personality. I realized though as I started sharing this product with friends and family that they were all as intrigued as I was and there was a potential to make this into a business.
LipSense by SeneGence completely caught me by surprise and I knew this company had a future. I should also mention that I have never been interested in direct sales before LipSense and I NEVER thought I'd love something enough that I'd want to sell it. I have tried a lot of different brands of makeup throughout the years, especially lipsticks and glosses. Some offer beautiful colors but they just don’t last. LipSense was the product I fell in love with first and as I branched out and tried the other makeup, cosmetics, and skincare my skin has never been more bright and clear and my lips have never been more happy and hydrated. 
This has been a completely unexpected journey for me as I challenge myself in new ways everyday in this business. I absolutely love helping other women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. It has been beyond exciting to help women grow as individuals and achieve goals they never thought were attainable.